“They’re just socks.”

“Of course we know how to wear socks already.”

We get it. Generally speaking, socks are a pretty straightforward commodity. You buy a pack at the store and slide them on your feet before a pair of shoes. But there are actually some things you should be considering to make sure your sock drawer is optimal for any occasion. Would you wear the same socks on a hike through the woods that you would for a workout at the gym? Are you someone who keeps things simple, or do you want some colorful socks from your favorite brand peeking below your pant leg? These are the types of questions that can arise. And we’re here to, at the very least, get you to consider them.

From making sure you have the perfect material to match the weather to some basic hygiene tips, check out some of our pointers for how to make sure you are wearing the right pair of socks below.