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Border Traffic

Vehicle 极速赛车官网168开奖结果 168官网开奖记录计划 极速赛车168开奖1分钟官网 Wait Times

  • Standard 3 minutes
  • Ready Lane 1 minute
  • Sentri 1 minute
  • Entering Mexico No Wait

Vehicle Wait Times

  • Standard 4 minutes
  • Ready Lane 1 minute
  • Sentri No Wait
  • Entering Mexico No Wait


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Uber 19 hours ago

澳洲幸运10168官网开奖直播和历史开奖号码查询 Uber rolls out teen accounts in California with added safety features

earthquake 10 hours ago

M4.9 earthquake among cluster of temblors off Northern California coast

Santa Ana 16 hours ago

Students and parents connect through robotics at a Santa Ana science academy

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Extreme Weather 53 mins ago

‘Safe travel window is over': Parts of Sierra Nevada to be impacted by powerful snowstorm

relationships 2 hours ago

What is breadcrumbing? Inside the modern dating trend

news 3 hours ago

Here's what tech giants are betting on next — from robot dogs to smartphones you can wear on your wrist


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San Diego State University 10 hours ago

San Diego State football releases 2024 schedule

Padres 17 hours ago

Ticket reservations begin for Padres owner Peter Seidler's celebration of life

Aztecs Feb 27

LeDee has 27 points, 11 rebounds to help Aztecs hold off San Jose State


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